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The Infiniti Pool


‘The Infiniti Pool’ boasts the largest 47m pool that is 15 m away from the village and 35m away form the river
Seemingly like a heavenly streamer inside nature, we allow you with a unique calmness and peacefulness.
The ultimate horizon ' edge ' is flush against forests and waterfalls there you can feel
the mystery as if time has stopped still in the sweet silence.

specifications of Infiniti pool
Location Operating
Usage for Rentable items Other facilities Inquiries
1st Floor
09:00 ~ 22:00
Private guests
Free rentable items Life jacket, paddle, helper, kickboard (limited)
Poolside bar
(Operating Hours: 15:00 ~ 22:00)

(Operating Hour (Pre-reservation needed) :
A - 15:00 ~ 18:00 / B - 19:00 ~ 22:00)
Complimentary benefits exclusively for the hotel Guest

Let’s spend an infinite night with DJ DOKB in a blue wave. The world of luxurious pool party opens up every night.

Infiniti Pool on the first floor
Service period
always-on operation
Service hours
20:30 ~ 21:30
Utilization fee
free of charge
  • * The following Rules and Regulations are for the benefit of all our loyal guests to insure safe and sanitary operation of the pool facility at the Hidden Cliff hotel. Your cooperation in following these conditions is greatly appreciated.
  • 1. The Infiniti Pool is exclusively for hotel guests.
  • 2. Please kindly keep all valuables in your guest room.
  • 3. We ask all our guests to take a shower before using the swimming pool for our sanitary operation and guests with only proper swimming attire are permitted in the pool.
  • 4. Children under the height of 130cm should be accompanied by a guardian and please wear life jacket.
  • 5. Food from outside, metal, glass objects are not allowed for hygiene and safety in the pool.
  • 6. Following items are not allowed in the pool: tube (boat, bed) of more than 1m in diameter, fins and other snorkel equipment, cotton t-shirts, aqua shoes, drones, etc.
  • 7. To avoid accidents, do not sit or stand on the ledge.
  • 8. Smoking is not allowed in the Infiniti Pool.